Porcelain door knobs are used because they add a touch of elegance and style to your doors. Besides, they are suitable to be used on any types of doors and can be installed with ease. Just like other types of door knobs, porcelain door knobs are suitable to be used for many purposes, be in at entrance, privacy, passage or dummy.

More often than not, porcelain door knobs come in a variety of sizes and finishes and colors. Talking about the different available sizes, the most common one’s measure 2 ¼" or 2 ½" in diameter. There are other sizes but those are the exception rather than the norm. In most cases, it fit them with back plates that come in several finishes polished brass, chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, antique brass and satin nickel.

In the colors, porcelain door knobs are available in white, brown and black with a variety of styles such as meadows, prairie, and Victorian. Other than that, almond colored and ivory knobs are also common.


White Porcelain Door Knobs: Being a big hit among those that prefer something not so complicated, these knobs exudes a pure sense of elegance and simplicity. Depending on the choices of door sets that are used, you can achieve a wide variety of effects and add a touch of class feels to your home. One of the most common ones is the classic rosette door set.

When used together with white porcelain knobs, a vintage look that gives off an old-fashioned touch can be completed. Other types of door sets that are fitted here are the rope rosette door set, largo design door set and the meadows style door set.

Ivory Porcelain Door Knobs: This is a good choice irrespective of whether your home is situated high on a mountain or down in a country lane. When paired together with wrought steel arches rosettes, both the rugged rosettes and the vintage porcelain knobs complement each other in such a perfect way that it works with everything.

Having said that, these used on a federal farmhouse or a timber chalet. Besides, it can guarantee unprecedented durability and superior performance, thanks to the superb heavy-duty mechanics from the forged steel.

Brown Swirl Porcelain Door Knobs: Not everyone likes these door knobs. However, Victorian charm and colonial simplicity come as if in a package, when the brown door knobs are paired with wrought steel colonial door sets. Popular throughout the Victorian era, they are just as compelling today as they once were.

It further reinforces this with the fact that they work with everything, be it mountain chalet or even colonial farmhouse. Enduring durability thanks to the hot-forged steel also makes this an outstanding choice for any renovations.

Black Porcelain Door Knobs: The black color has a natural sense of dignity and style. Likewise, the black porcelain knob is simply in a class of its own. Depending on personal likings, this type of door knobs can be installed with wrought steel rosettes, wrought steel arched rosettes or even classic rosette set. It is not difficult to understand how it could be the favorite choice for so many people, because these black porcelain door knobs provide an instant style to any renovation and they are simply right for every occasion