How To Fit A Shower Panel In Your Bathroom

Installation guidelines are given each buy. If despite everything you can't introduce it, adhere to the guidelines referenced beneath.


Right when cutting the sheets to width and stature using a handsaw, the upgrading face should confront upwards. Right when cutting with a jigsaw or round observed, the improving face should confront downwards.


A space of 2-3mm should be left where channels or fittings get past the board even where collars are to be tailored. The room should be stacked with Wetwall silicone sealant.


In case a Wetseal isn't being fitted then a 3-4mm cleft should be left between the board's base and the shower plate or shower by using packers when changing sheets. The gaps should be then settled using Wetwall silicone sealant. Wetwall silicone sealant should moreover be used on every one of the corners and garnish profiles.

Wall Faces

The sheets can be changed to most surfaces using paste, giving they are complete and free from slack particles.

The sheets can in like manner be adjusted specifically onto existing tiling given that they have been de-lubed.


Apparatuses and shower associations can be settled straightforwardly to the sheets using appropriate fixings. Heavier things, for instance, sterile and convenient furniture will require the obtainment of additional support behind the sheets.

Standard Installation

Two Sided Shower

1. Fit an internal corner profile into the corner using appropriate fixings (screws), ensuring that the crowns are countersunk to forestall fouling when fitting the board.

2. Oust the film from the board's substance and check for deformities going before cutting to gauge.

3. Apply a globule of sealant into one side of the interior corner profile, the proportion of sealant associated should cover the channel base to a significance of no under 2mm.

4. The sheets should be fitted with the end goal that a fissure is surrounded between the sheets' base and the shower plate of between 3-4mm. This should be recorded with sealant and cleaned up flush with the sheets' front once all of the sheets have been fitted

5. In the occasion that end top profiles are being used then these should be fitted to the outside edges of the board now.

6. Apply a liberal proportion of paste in "snakes" to the board and fit into spot ensuring that the board's edge is inserted into the internal corner and a respectable seal achieved.

7. Repeat zones 2-6 for the second board.

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